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Grave of Cornezo and Fernando Ambe, Capoocan, Leyte, Philippines

Grave of Cornezo and Fernando Ambe, Capoocan

When we were in the Philippines last year we passed by the new cemetery of Capoocan (prov. Leyte, the Philippines), where my wife’s maternal grandparents are buried. Unfortunately our visit was cut short by a tropical shower, but I still managed to take a few photos.

Apparently my grandparents i.l. were buried elsewhere before, but they (and many others) were reburied when this cemetery opened. The (flat) memorial stone is new, it was placed here at the time of the reburial.

The inscription shows this is the final resting place of Cornezo Ambe (born 9 September 1902, died 14 December 1988) and Fernanda Ambe (born 26 January 1906, died 19 February 1978). Fernanda’s maiden name Bulasa is not inscribed (only the initial B.). Though Cornezo and Fernanda died in the region, they were not born here: The family is originally from the neighbouring island Biliran.

Cemetery of Capoocan, Leyte, Philippines

Capoocan cemetery

Files: Cornezo Ambe, Fernanda Bulasa

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