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Birth certificate of Geertje Wiesenekker

Birth certificate of Geertje Wiesenekker, Huizen

Birth certificate of Geertje Wiesenekker, Huizen

Geertje Wiesenekker is my great-grandmother, number 9 in my ahnentafel. Today we look at her birth certificate. A quick summary:

On 18 September 1879, the midwife Alida Jacoba van Dijk, age 25, from Huizen, appeared for the registrar of Huizen, to register the birth of a baby girl, who was born in her presence on the 17th at 6.30pm, in house number 135, at the Koedijk street. The mother was Willempje Prins, no occupation, from Huizen, spouse of Gijsbert Wiesenekker, ambulant fish vendor, also from Huizen, who could not do the registration in person due to absence. The child received the name Geertje.

Witnesses were Pieter Spilt, 27, carpenter, and Jan van der Hulst, butcher, 27, both from Huizen. The certificate was signed by the registrar, the midwife, and the witnesses.

Births had to be registered by the father. If he was unable to do so (as was the case here), then either the person in whose house the child was born, or someone present at birth could do the registration. When Geertje was born, her father was apparently absent. I don’t know why, but, as he was an ambulant fish vendor, he probably sold his wares away from home (in Amsterdam, maybe). The birth was registered by the midwife, who stated she was present at the birth and thus qualified to handle the registration.

The two witnesses were probably asked by the midwife, and not related to the Wiesenekker family.

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