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Birth certificate of Mietje Houthuijzen

Birth certificate of Mietje Houthuijzen, Hilversum

Birth certificate of Mietje Houthuijzen, Hilversum

Mietje Houthuijzen is my father’s maternal grandmother – number 11 in my ahnentafel. Her birth certificate states that:

On 6 December 1888 appeared for the registrar of Hilversum: Rijk Houthuijzen, merchant, 57, from Hilversum. He declared that on 5 December, 7pm, in the house on the Eerste Oosterstraat street number 40, a female child was born from his spouse Aaltje Bollebakker, whose name was to be Mietje.

Witnesses: Maarten Grootveld, labourer, 35, and Ruth van Wulfen, farmer, 44. Signed by the registrar, my great-great-grandfather, and one of the witnesses. The other witness could not write.

Looking at the signatures, I have the impression that my great-great-grandfather Rijk Houthuijzen was not used to writing. Maybe he could not write anything except his name, maybe he could write a little, but no more.

Interestingly, Rijk wrote his name as r hout huis, rather than R. Houthuijzen. In 18th century records I often found the name Houthuis for this family, but the name was fixed at Houthuijzen since the introduction of the civil registry in 1811. But apparently the family still used the name Houthuis 77 years later.

Mietje Houthuijzen,
Rijk Houthuijzen,
Aaltje Bollebakker.

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