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Category: Nieuwegein

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Ambagtsheer

    Tombstone Tuesday: Ambagtsheer

    Here rest our dear husband, father, father in law and grandfather, Boudewijn Ambagtsheer, born 7 August 1878, died 19 August 1948, and our dear mother and grandmother Louise Ambagtsheer – Vlaanderen, born 16 November 1879, died 3 June 1963. Boudewijn Ambagtsheer, son of Pieter Ambagtsheer and Teuntje aan de Wiel, was born on 7 August […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Kool

    Tombstone Tuesday: Kool

    Here rests our dear wife and mother Maartje Kool – de Boer, born 3 May 1888, died 15 November 1951, and our dear father Teunis Kool, born 27 October 1884, died 3 May 1964. Teunis Kool, son of Jan Kool and Maria Oskam, was born on 27 October 1884 in Wilnis, and died on 3 […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Constable Jacobs

    Tombstone Tuesday: Constable Jacobs

    Dingenus Jacobs, son of Pieter Jacobs and Esther Kense, was constable (veldwachter) of Jutphaas from 1907 until 1936. He was born on 12 May 1878 in Breskens and died on 8 October 1947 in Jutphaas. He married Neeltje de Koster, daughter of Jannis de Koster and Janneke Dierx, on 12 June 1902 in Hoofdplaat. Neeltje […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Cooiman

    Tombstone Tuesday: Cooiman

    Here rests our dear wife and mother Hendrika C. Cooiman. Hendrika Cornelia Cooiman, daughter of Cornelis Cooiman and Aagje Rietveld, was born on 2 June 1886 in Benschop and died on 17 March 1946 in Utrecht. She married Marinus Jan van Genderen, son of Gerard van Genderen and Clasina Knopper, on 10 October 1917 in […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Beijens

    Tombstone Tuesday: Beijens

    Here rests my dear husband L.H.C. Beyens born 27 Oct. 1866 died 8 Nov. 1946. Louis Henri Corneille Beijens, son of Jean Louis Henri Beijens and Cornelia Reijers, was born on 27 October 1866 in Breda and died on 8 November 1946 in Jutphaas. He married (1) Johanna Maria Oetgens van Waveren Pancras Clifford, daughter […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Lafebre

    Wordless Wednesday: Lafebre

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Dirk Gerritsen

    Tombstone Tuesday: Dirk Gerritsen

    Dirk Gerritsen, son of Jan Gerritsen and Mina Hubert, was born on 12 August 1879 in Jutphaas and died on 23 June 1944 in Jutphaas. He married Anna Sibilla Bier, daughter of Gerhard Jan Bier and Dina Speelman, on 15 April 1909 in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Dirk was buried on Kerkveld cemetery in Jutphaas […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Kooijman – den Ouden

    Tombstone Tuesday: Kooijman – den Ouden

    Teunis Kooijman, son of Dirk Kooijman and Magdalena de Kuijper, was born on 20 January 1868 in Giessen-Nieuwkerk and died on 11 July 1937 in Jutphaas. He married Cornelia den Ouden, daughter of Abraham den Ouden and Bastiaantje Kortlever, on 7 August 1913 in Groot-Ammers. She was born on 15 July 1871 in Groot-Ammers, and […]

  • Tombstone Tuesday: Van den Kommer

    Tombstone Tuesday: Van den Kommer

    A tombstone on the Kerkveld cemetery in Nieuwegein. Albertus van den Kommer, son of Cornelis van den Kommer and Catharina de Roo, was born on 3 November 1886 in Beverwijk, and died on 11 December 1943 in Hilversum. He married Catharina Albers, daughter of Cornelis Albers and Joanna Catharina Kil, on 6 March 1918 in […]

  • Nicolas Malapert Lord Plettenburg

    Nicolas Malapert Lord Plettenburg

    In the historic Kerkveld cemetery in Nieuwegein there are several older tombstones that belonged to the local nobility. The photos below are of the tombstone of Nicolas Malapert Heer van (Lord) Plettenburg, who died almost 400 years ago, on 6 November 1615 or 1616. I don’t know much about Lord Plettenburg. Apparently he descended from […]