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Category: 19th century

  • Wordless Wednesday: Former Holland America Line head office in Rotterdam

    Wordless Wednesday: Former Holland America Line head office in Rotterdam

  • Jacob van Rees

    Jacob van Rees

    On the Bosdrift cemetery in Hilversum is a simple cross with the text “Jacobus van Rees 1854-1928”. Jacob van Rees, as he is known, was histology professor at the university of Amsterdam. He is now largely forgotten, but in his time was a well-known abstainer and vegetarian, who opposed vivisection and smoking, and sympathized with […]

  • Gathering dust: Royal visit to Deventer

    Gathering dust: Royal visit to Deventer

    On Saturdays I rummage through my old cabinet, pull out and dust off an item, and present it here on Roots. Today: A souvenir of the royal visit to Deventer in 1900. On 22 August 1900, Queen Wilhelmina and her mother, Queen Emma, visited and toured the city Deventer. After the visit, a souvenir guide […]

  • Archbishops of Utrecht

    Archbishops of Utrecht

    In December, I showed you the grave of bishop Guy van Avesnes, in the Domkerk, the former Utrecht cathedral. Until the reformation, the (arch)bishops of Utrecht were buried in this church. After the reformation, the Domkerk became protestant, and no new bishop was appointed for several centuries. The Utrecht archbishopric was restored in 1853, and […]

  • Farewell Holland

    Farewell Holland

    Dutch emigrants to North America The family trees on my genealogy websites have several emigrants to North America. Most of them went to the U.S., boarding their ship at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam, and entering the States a fortnight later via Ellis Island. Let me introduce you to some of these emigrants. They are descendants […]