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Category: Beach

  • Photo Friday: On the beach

    Photo Friday: On the beach

    A few beautiful (if I may say so) beach photos. From top to bottom: An exotic Caribbean beach on a small island in the Bahamas. A beautiful sunrise seen from a Florida beach. Tropical drinks on White Beach Boracay, in the Philippines. Scheveningen beach, Den Haag, Holland.

  • Boracay


    Photos from Boracay, a tropical paradise in the Philippines.

  • Bay


  • Sailing


    Sailing around Boracay. When we were in Boracay we paid a sailor to take us on his boat and sail around Boracay. Most of the time I had to store my little pocket camera in a dry place, but I could take it out from time to time to take a few pictures.

  • Scheveningen