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Among the family papers in my possession is an album with postcards of Dutch churches, collected by my grandfather. Most of the cards are from the 1930s. On Sundays, I post cards from this collection in the series Church Sunday. Today: Oldehove in Leeuwarden.

Oldehove Tower, Leeuwarden

Oldehove Tower, Leeuwarden

The Oldehove tower in Leeuwarden. It was built in the early 16th century as a tower for the church that used to be there, but never finished because of the reformation. Even during construction it started leaning. To compensate for the leaning, the tower is also crooked.

Over the years, there have been many restorations and renovations. The last major restoration was in 1997-1998. According to their brochure, “It took much money, a lot of trouble and some engineering genius, but the result is decidedly worth it all. Leeuwarden’s most important monument is again presentable, perhaps for centuries to come.”

Like the tower, the Oldehove website was never completed.