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Church Sunday: Roden church organ

Church organ, St. Catherine church, Roden

Church organ, St. Catherine church, Roden

Last month we saw the St. Catherine church in the village Roden, province Drenthe. Today’s card shows the organ of the same church.

In 1776, the church in Roden received a bequest of 10,000 guilders from a rich unmarried woman, Maria Catharina Hoppinck, a descendant of the second protestant minister in Roden, for a church organ. The organ was built by Albertus Anthoni Hinsz and ready for use in 1779.

The boards on both sides of the organ commemorate the Hoppinck family and Maria Catharina’s bequest.

The organ survived years of neglect, a badly executed renovation in 1932 and plans for largely replacing the organ in the late 1940s. Another renovation in 1951-1955 also did more harm than good, but in 1998-2006 it was finally restored to its former glory.

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