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Church Sunday: Schiedam

Grote Kerk (Great Church) in Schiedam

Grote Kerk (Great Church) in Schiedam (postcard, coll. author)

Among the family papers in my possession is an album with postcards of Dutch churches, collected by my grandfather. Most of the cards are from the 1930s. On Sundays, I post cards from this collection in the series Church Sunday. Today: The Grote Kerk church in Schiedam.

The Grote Kerk (litt. Great Church), a.k.a. St. John’s church, in Schiedam. It was originally built in the 14th century, but saw some major changes in the 15th century. On this postcard we can only see the tower.

The church is a protestant church since the reformation, and still in use today.

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  1. Hello I enjoyed looking at your website. I have a different postcard (which I received via Postcrossing) of St John’s Church in Schiedam. Have a look at it. It is at:

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