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Cornezo Ambe and Fernanda Bulasa

I’m still iterating through my wife’s ancestors, in numerical order. For each ancestor I list what I know, what I can find online, and what I should do next. Today I looked at numbers 6 and 7, Cornezo Ambe and Fernanda Bulasa.

Cornezo and Fernanda are buried in Capoocan, and last year, while we were in the Philippines, we were able to visit their grave.

Grave of Cornezo and Fernando Ambe, Capoocan, Leyte, Philippines

Grave of Cornezo and Fernando Ambe, Capoocan, Leyte, Philippines

The inscription on the grave reads: “In memory of Cornezo G. Ambe born Sept. 9 1902 died Dec. 14 1988 Fernanda B. Ambe born Jan. 26 1906 died Feb. 19 1978 Family Remembrance“. So we already know the birth and death dates of both spouses. According to the family, they were both born in Kawayan on the island Biliran (now province Biliran, but at the time part of the province Leyte), and they both died in Capoocan, province Leyte.

The next step was searching Google, Family search and their new record search pilot:

  • No luck on Google.
  • I found many Ambi’s [sic] in Biliran on FamilySearch, but could not prove a relationship (yet). Interestingly, I did find a Bulasa-Ambi couple: Arcadio Bulasa, born 1 June 1901 in Balacson, Kawayan, Leyte, died 12 June 1975 in Buyo, Kawayan, Leyte, married Fortunata Ambi, born 4 August 1904 in Buyo, died 28 August 1979 in Buyo. Maybe siblings of Cornezo and Fernanda?
  • Record Search has the marriage of Cornezo Ambi and Fernanda Bolosa: Cornezo Ambi, son of Tranquilino Ambi and Antonia Olaguer, 23, and Fernanda Bolosa, daughter of Estanislao Bolosa and Juana Balondo, 20, married 22 January 1924 in Kawayan, Leyte. Unfortunately the collection of Philippines records is not scanned, only indexed.

So what’s next? Some of their children are still alive, I should talk to them to get some background information, and maybe a photo. I have the basic dates (birth, marriage and death), but nor from primary sources. I will need to check a few BMD certificates. I can probably order copies of the death certificates from the NSO (maybe I have to do that through my mother-in-law, who is next of kin).

From the FHL I should order the Brief history of Kawayan, Biliran for the historical background, Death certificates, 1945-1996 from Leyte, and Copies of civil registration, 1922-1931 of Kawayan.

I should also find out if church records from Kawayan survived, and where they are now.

Files: Cornezo Ambe, Fernanda Bulasa


  1. Judi

    I just found out through searching online that your cornezeo ambe is one of 12 of my grandfather’s siblings.


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