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Antonie te Kloese 1807-1885

Birth certificate of Hendrik van Kampen

Posted by on 30 Jun 2011 in Hilversum, KAMPEN Barend van 1840-1918, KAMPEN Cornelis van 1838-1914, KAMPEN Hendrik van 1877-1941, KLOESE Antonie te 1807-1885, My roots, VEERMAN Lammertje 1846-1883 | 0 comments

Birth certificate of Hendrik van Kampen

A large part of the BMD records of the Dutch civil registration is indexed on sites like Genlias. In many cases, scans of these records are available for free on FamilySearch.org. Over the next weeks I will have another look at the BMD records of my great-grandparents (if available online). I have seen these a long time ago, most of them on microfilm (except for most death records, those are not available yet). I have made extracts of them, but no copies. Now that most of them are online I can have another look, and share them here on Roots....

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