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Francisco Goya - Black Paintings - Two women and a man

Goya’s black paintings: Two women and a man

Artist Francisco Goya
Title Two women and a man
Year 1819-1823
Technique Mural (later converted to canvas)
Current location Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain
Francisco Goya - Black Paintings - Two women and a man
Two women and a man

Two women and a man, also known as Two women or Two women laughing, seems to have formed a pair with The reading. Research has shown that in an earlier version of the painting the three people in this painting were looking at a book the man was holding. Judging by the expression on their faces, it was a rather naughty book.

But Goya changed the painting, and what we see now is two women looking and laughing at a man who seems to be masturbating. There is no background, or anything else that might help to place this scene in context. We do not now where it is taking place. All we can see is the three people.

José Manuel Arnaiz
pointed out that this is not the only time Goya treated this topic: A drawing called Cuidado con los consejos and a small painting called La degollación also show a man masturbating (the latter while looking at the decapitation of a young, naked woman).

Two women and a man is on display in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.



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3 responses to “Goya’s black paintings: Two women and a man”

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  2. Pavel Tikhonob Avatar
    Pavel Tikhonob

    It seems it’s not true about La degollación that there’s also a man masturbating. In the original Goya’s painting a man is holding a head of the dead men depicted at the back. The picture that led you astray is the picture of the follower of Goya.

    1. Henk van Kampen Avatar

      You’re right that La degollación is probably not by Goya, see
      La degollación on the Prado website.

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