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Hayez’s kiss

Hayez’s kiss

Artist Francesco Hayez
Title The kiss
Year 1859
Technique Oil on canvas
Current location Pinacoteca Brera (Brera Gallery), Milan, Italy
Francesco Hayez - The Kiss

Francesco Hayez – The Kiss

Francesco Hayez (1791-1882) painted mainly historical subjects and portraits. He was clearly an exponent of the Romantic movement.

Hayez’s best known work, The kiss, was intended to celebrate the victories of the Second War of Independence in 1859. It has always been popular as a patriotic symbol.

The painting depicts a Risorgimento patriot, saying goodbye to his wife before going to war. The painting is anachronistic: The couple is wearing 14th century clothes, but the subject is the Risorgimento, the 19th century unification of Italy.

The kiss is on permanent display in the Pinacoteca Brera (Brera Gallery) in Milan (where it is called Il bacio).


  1. I have this same painting only with a different background added and with some type of water markings, date stamps, and some other kind of authentication embedded on the picture.. would love to hear more about this piece

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