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Hendrick Lubbeking and Cornelia Bongars

Hendrick Lubbeking, my 7th great-grandfather, was born around 1667. There are indications he came from Germany, possibly Minden, but further research is needed to ascertain.

He married Geertruijt van Weijen on 13 April 1694 in Amsterdam. They had at least three children, all baptized (and presumably born) in Amsterdam:

  1. Marritje, baptized on 4 January 1695.
  2. Hendrick, baptized on 23 January 1697.
  3. Hendrick, baptized on 20 May 1700.

Geertruijt was buried on 7 September 1700 in Amsterdam. Hendrick was quick to remarry, and on 23 January 1701 he married Helena Groen, again in Amsterdam. They had at least one child:

  1. Merritje, baptized on 27 August 1702 in Amsterdam.

Helena was buried on 9 January 1705 in Amsterdam, and again Hendrick was in a hurry to remarry. On 31 March 1705 he married Cornelia Bongars, daughter of Leun Sijmons Bongar and Margrietie Leenderts Amelenbergh, and my 7th great-grandmother. Cornelia was baptized on 13 June 1683 in Amsterdam. They had at least seven children together, all baptized in Amsterdam:

  1. Hendrick, baptized on 27 March 1707.
  2. Margrietje, baptized on 28 October 1708.
  3. Leun, baptized on 16 April 1710.
  4. Arent, baptized on 23 December 1712.
  5. Anna Catharina, my 6th great-grandmother, baptized on 1 April 1714.
  6. Margrieta, baptized on 27 September 1716.
  7. Leena, baptized on 25 January 1719.

I don’t know (yet) when Hendrick died, but on 5 October 1721 Cornelia married Weit Wissen, widower of Anna Appeldoorn, in Huizen.

One thing that jumps out when looking at these dates is how quickly Hendrick remarried – the last time even less than three months after his wife’s funeral! Presumably there were practical reasons: His infant children needed a mother.

The story ends, for now, in 1721, when Cornelia married a resident of Huizen and settled, presumably with her children, in Huizen, where her descendants lived for many generations.

I have a couple of unanswered questions that need further research:

  • Where did Hendrick Lubbeking come from, when and where was he born or baptized, who were his parents?
  • When and why did he move to Amsterdam?
  • Some documents list his occupation as Baker. What did he bake? Did he have his own bakery? How well did he do?
  • I don’t know anything yet about Hendrick’s many children (except Anna Catharina). How did they fare?

My line to Hendrick and Cornelia: Me – Dad – Alida Melessen (1917-2007, m. Hendrik van Kampen) – Mietje Houthuijzen (1888-1945, m. Albert Melessen) – Rijk Houthuijzen (1829-1891, m. Aaltje Bollebakker) – Willem Houthuijzen (1797-1875, m. Marretje Peet) – Eldert Houthuijs (1773-1840, m. Matje Nieuwland) – Hendrik Houthuijs (1739-?, m. Geertrui Das) – Anna Catharina Lubbeking (1714-?, m. Eldert Houthuijsen) – Hendrick Lubbeking and Cornelia Bongars.

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