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Leendert Mourissen and Cornelisje Mangeles

Marriage banns registration of Leendert Mourissen and Cornelisje Mangeles

Marriage banns registration of Leendert Mourissen and Cornelisje Mangeles

The marriage banns registers of Amsterdam are a gold mine for genealogists with Amsterdam roots. This is the registration of Leendert Mourissen and Cornelisje Mangeles, my 8th great-grandparents. It has a few blurry spots, unfortunately, but most of it is still quite readable (at least if you know Dutch and have some experience with 17th century handwriting).

Leendert Mourissen, from A[msterdam], 22 years old, sail maker, with his father Mouris Reijers, lives at Boomsloot [street], and Cornelisje Mangenus, from A[msterdam], 20 years old, the father in [Indies?], with her mother Martijntie Aukes, lives on the [Middle?] Island.

Cornelisje lived on a island, according to this document, and I think it says Middle Island (Midden Eiland). This island, also known as Realeneiland, is one of a group of three islands in the IJ river, near the city center.

Not on the scan is the date of the registration, it was listed higher on the page. They registered on 2 November 1657, and from the actual marriage register (which is merely a list of names and dates) I know that they actually married on 20 November 1657 in Amsterdam.

Leendert and Cornelisje had (at least) six children:

  1. Grietie (or Margrietie), my 7th great-grandmother, was baptized on 6 October 1658 in Amsterdam, and buried on 4 April 1730 in Amsterdam. She married Leun Sijmons Bongar, son of Sijmen Leunen and Marritje Pieters, and my 7th great-grandfather, on 12 May 1680 in Amsterdam. Leun was baptized on 24 December 1656 in Amsterdam and buried on 13 January 1705 in Amsterdam.
  2. Marretien was baptized on 11 February 1660 in Amsterdam.
  3. Mouris was baptized on 4 December 1661 in Amsterdam.
  4. Anna (or Annetien) was baptized on 14 March 1663 in Amsterdam, and buried on 17 April 1733 in Amsterdam. She married Jan Jacobs Vroom, son of Jacob Jans Vroom, on 3 April 1684 in Amsterdam.
  5. Mouris (or Mourits) was baptized on 23 December 1666 in Amsterdam, and buried on 5 September 1702 in Amsterdam. He married Geertruijt van der Koij in 1695 (marriage banns on 2 April 1695). Geertruijt was buried on 9 November 1696 in Amsterdam (about a month after her second child was baptized). Mouris married Elisabeth van Laten, widow of Balthazar Feijta, on 21 January 1698 in Amsterdam.
  6. Maria was baptized on 12 July 1671 in Amsterdam.

Cornelisje was buried on 3 March 1673, Leendert on 12 September 1678, both in Amsterdam. Their children were still underage at the time, it seems that Johannes Bilsteijn, husband of Cornelisje’s sister Niesje, became their guardian, at least the marriage banns registrations of Grietie and Anna say so.

Leendert’s surname, Mourissen, is actually a patronymic (Leendert, son of Mouris). Interestingly, his burial record has a proper surname (Van Amelenberg), though I did not find any proof Leendert ever used this name during his life. His children Grietie, Anna and Mourits used the name Amelenberg (or Amelenbergh), without the Van. I don’t know the origin of this name, or whether it was already in use by the family before 1678.

Image: Amsterdam City Archive, DTB 478, p.37. Sources: Church books and marriage banns registers, online at the website of the Amsterdam City Archive and/or FamilySearch.

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