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Margrita Frederika van Oeveren

While searching the online newspaper collection of the Dutch National Library, I discovered, in one of these papers, a list of people receiving support from the poor-relief in the first quarter of 18621. The images show a small part of this list.

Number 593 on this list is my 4th great-grandmother Margrita Frederika van Oufferen (also spelled van Oeveren), who, according to this list, received bread, a blanket, and some money.

Margrita Frederika van Oufferen (1802-1881) was the widow of Adrianus Pardoen (1791-1856). After his death she worked as hawker, though on this list her occupation is labourer. Apparently she hit on bad times in the winter of 1861/62.

1 Dagblad van Zuidholland en ‘s Gravenhage, 1862, issue 142, 19 June 1862.

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