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My main focus is my ascendancy chart (kwartierstaat in Dutch, Ahnentafel in German), an overview of as many ancestors as I can find, in as many lines as possible.

On my website, I have cut my kwartierstaat in several parts. When I started my website, four of my ancestors were still alive (my parents and both my grandmothers), and I did not want to publish anything about them on my website. So I split my kwartierstaat in four parts – one for each grandparent – and I replaced the names of my grandmothers with the names of their sisters, who were long deceased. Later, I split my paternal grandmother’s chart in two, because her parents (and their ancestors) came from completely different parts of the country. So there are five parts now:

Hendrik van Kampen Geertje Wiesenekker Albert Melessen
Mietje Houthuijzen
Th.J.A. Pardoen C.J.M. Koopman H.F. Coppens J.P. Moerman
Hendrik van Kampen
Alida Melessen Th.J.G.A. Pardoen
kwartierstaat of her sister
dad mum

I also research descendants of Lourens van Kampen and Neel de Vos bearing the name Van Kampen, and descendants of Paulus Pardoen (1747-1823) and Johanna Pietersen with the name Pardoen.

I have spent many hours in Dutch archives, especially the city archive of The Hague and the provincial archive for Noord-Holland in Haarlem, but also many other archives. I have also researched in Belgium, and will do research in Germany at some point, because some of my ancestors came from there.

Files: Hendrikus Franciscus Coppens, Mietje Houthuijzen, Hendrik van Kampen (1877-1941), Hendrik van Kampen (1912-1997), Catharina Johanna Maria Koopman, Albert Melessen, Alida Melessen, Johanna Petronella Moerman, Theodorus Johannes Adrianus Pardoen, Theodorus Joannes Gerardus Adrianus Pardoen, Geertje Wiesenekker

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  1. PA9AM bert van Putten

    Mooie en gedetailleerde genealogie Henk 🙂
    Mooi om te zien.

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