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I recently showed you my 11-generation matriline. Let’s have a look now at the patriline.

A patriline or fathers-line is (unlike the matriline) a traditional genealogy chart. Y-DNA and (usually) surnames are inherited through the patriline.

With ten generations, my patriline is not particularly large. In 1766, a fire destroyed a large part of the village Hilversum, including the Dutch Reformed church. Records of the church, the court and the village administration were lost. Due to the fire, there are no primary sources for my Van Kampen ancestors before 1766. Based on secondary sources I can extend the line to 1718, but (so far) it ends there.

I will tell more about the 1766 fire and the brick walls it caused in future posts.

I Me
II Dad
III Hendrik van Kampen (1912-1997), my grandfather, lived in Hilversum for most of his life (he left when he retired, but returned a year before his death). He married Alida Melessen in 1940.
IV Hendrik van Kampen (1877-1941) also lived in Hilversum almost his entire life (except for a few years shortly after his marriage). He married Geertje Wiesenekker in 1904 and had one child. Hendrik started his career as butcher’s man, worked as a laborer for a while, and ran a bicycle repair shop from around 1908 until his retirement.
V Barend van Kampen (1840-1918) was a tailor in Hilversum. He married Lammertje Veerman in 1869. They had nine children who lived to be adults, and one stillborn baby.
VI Volkert van Kampen (1809-1856) was born in ‘s-Graveland, but also lived most of his life in Hilversum. At the time, Hilversum was famous for its weaving industry, and Volkert – like most of his siblings and children – worked as a weaver in one of the weaving-mills. He married Maria Hogenbirk in 1834. They had five children who grew up to be adults, and another five who died in infancy.
VII Cornelis van Kampen (1779-1847) lived most of his life in Hilversum, but lived in ‘s-Graveland at the time of his marriage. Cornelis was a factory worker. He married Lijsje Scheepmaker (from Maarsen) in 1805. They had (at least) six children.
VIII Lourens van Kampen (1747?-1811) probably lived all or most of his life in Hilversum. He married Lijsje van Beek in 1778. They had nine or ten children.
IX Cornelis van Kampen (1718?-1787) was born, married (twice) and died in Hilversum. He married Hendrina Reffers in (probably) 1740, and Jannetje Sibol in 1778. I have been able to find two children, both from his first marriage.
X Lourens van Kampen. The parents of Cornelis (and his brother Jan) are Lourens van Kampen and Neel de Vos. Nothing is known about them.

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