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Peter Wiesenekker

My great-grandmother’s maiden name is Wiesenekker. An uncommon name, and more likely a German name than a Dutch name. And indeed, I traced the Wiesenekker line back to 1791, when Pieter (or Peter) Wiesenekker, from Saxony in Germany, married Gerretje Ravenswaij in Huizen, province Noord-Holland.

I don’t know much about P(i)eter and Gerretje. I know the names of their children – Marretje (born shortly before their wedding), Peter, Hendrik, Anna Christina, Klaas, another Klaas, and Jan. According to Pieter’s death certificate, his parents were Pieter Wiesenekker and Anna, surname unknown. Looking at the names of the children, and keeping the Dutch naming patterns in mind, I would expect the names of Pieter’s parents were Peter and Anna Christina, while Gerretje’s parents were likely Hendrik and Marretje.

Pieter died on 20 December 1816, at the age of 61, according to his death certificate. If that is correct, Pieter was born in 1755 (or in the last ten days of 1754).

For years, this was all I knew, and Pieter was the end of the line (a brick wall, if you want), until maybe someday I would go to Germany for research.

I have not been to Germany for research yet, but nowadays we have the internet, and FamilySearch kindly put indexes to German baptisms online, last month. I searched the index for WIESENEKKER, and lo and behold! Several hits for this and similar names! No Peter and Anna, but this record looks promising:

Name: Johann Peter Wiesenecker
Gender: Male
Baptism/Christening Date: 13 Jul 1755
Baptism/Christening Place: Bauschheim, Hessen, Germany
Birth Date: 10 Jul 1755
Father's Name: Johann Peter Wiesenecker
Mother's Name: Anna Christina Laun
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C99692-1
System Origin: Germany-EASy
Source Film Number: 1346377
Reference Number: P.48b
Collection: Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898

Not Peter, but Johann Peter. Not Anna, but Anna Christina (as I expected).

Are these my ancestors? To be honest, I don’t know. But at least I have a working hypothesis now to prove or disprove. Now I have to go back to Huizen, to look for clues. A record containing his birth or baptism date, for example.

Pieter Wiesenekker,
Gerritje Ravenswaij,
Johann Peter Wiesenecker,
Anna Christina Laun.


  1. my mother’s maiden name is wiesenekker, my grandfather came from huizen and I have more information if you want. the name from germany explained: wiese is weiland in dutch and grass land? in english, the nekker is/was a brook. I think we are far related.

  2. Hi Anita,

    Yes, we are related. My Houthuijzen ancestors are on my website.

    I’d love to hear your information.



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