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Saturday Night Fun: Date calculator

PAF date calculator

PAF date calculator

The request in this week’s Saturday Night Fun (which is actually Sunday Morning Fun in my timezone) is to try out the date calculator in our genealogy software:

“Open the “Date Calculator” and put in a death date for one of your ancestors and put in an age at death [..]. Do the same thing by entering a birth date and a death date in the “Date Calculator” and see how old someone was when they died.”

According to her death act, my gggrandmother Catharina Johanna Maria Foppen died on 13 July 1912 at the age of 66 years and a month. The date calculator gives me a birth date of 13 June 1846. Her actual birth date, according to her birth act, was 1 June 1846, so her age at death was 66 years, 1 month and 12 days.

“Tell us what software you’re using and where you found the “Date Calculator.””

PAF 5.2. The date calculator can be found in the Tools menu.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter a date before October 1752. From the help file:

“Before this date, a country may have been using the Julian calendar. If the Date Calculator tried to calculate a date from the Julian calendar, it would be inaccurate.”

A strange reason, if you ask me. Some countries still used Julian dates after 1752, others already used Gregorian dates before 1752.

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