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Sunday Morning Genealogy Fun: Meeting ancestors

Because of the time difference, Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is actually Sunday Morning fun for me. This week’s assignment:

1) Write down which of your ancestors that you have met in person (yes, even if you were too young to remember them).
2) Tell us their names, where they lived, and their relationship to you in a blog post, or in comments to this post, or in comments on Facebook.

All my great-grandparent died before I was born, but I met my four grandparents and two parents, so six ancestors in total. Three of them are still alive, the others are:

  • Hendrik van Kampen (1912-1997), my paternal grandfather. He lived most of his live in Hilversum.
  • Alida Melessen (1917-2007), my maternal grandmother. She was born in Amsterdam, where she lived until she married my grandfather. After his death she remained in Hilversum.
  • Theodorus Joannes Gerardus Adrianus Pardoen (1914-1978), my maternal grandfather. He was born in Utrecht, lived in many towns during his youth, settled in Utrecht after his marriage, and moved to Drenthe, the most rural Dutch province, in the early 1960s.

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