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The Jewish cemetery of Utrecht

The Jewish cemetery of Utrecht

Jewish Cemetery, Utrecht

Jewish Cemetery, Utrecht

On my way to the first cemetery visit since I’m a graveyard rabbit, I passed the Jewish cemetery of Utrecht. I can’t read the Hebrew (I assume) text above the door, but the Dutch text on the door is clear: Toegang verboden, no admission (litt. access forbidden).

Jewish Cemetery, Utrecht

Many Jewish cemeteries are walled in and inaccessible – probably the consequence of many centuries of European antisemitism. Maybe at a later date I will ask permission to visit and photograph, but for the time being I only have a few photos from the outside. Fortunately, there are also several photos on the website of the Utrecht archive.

My destination, by the way, and the topic of the next post, was the graveyard of Oud-Zuilen.


  1. Hi, Henk.

    Thank you for this Jewish cemetery post. I will write a pointer to it on our International Jewish Graveyard Rabbit.

    Jewish Graveyard Rabbit

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