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The old cemetery of Doorn

The old cemetery of Doorn

Last week I visited the Oude Algemene Begraafplaats (Old General Cemetery) of the village Doorn. A beautiful cemetery, with many trees. As it was early November, the cemetery was completely covered with recently fallen autumn leaves.

The cemetery opened in the last quarter of the 19th century, but I could not find any 19th century graves. I saw quite a few, though, that were over a century old. It was in use until the 1950s, when a new, larger cemetery opened nearby. People can still be buried in their family graves, but no new plots are given out anymore.

I will highlight individual graves in future posts, but for now enjoy my photo impression of an old Dutch cemetery in the fall.

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Tombstones, Old Cemetery, Doorn

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Old Cemetery, Doorn

Cornelis Kraan and Antonia Blackstone, Old Cemetery, Doorn


  1. My Grandfather was Cornelius Adriannus Stoove, his wife was Catherina Jansen.
    They lived in Doorn during the War and my Opa was in the Dutch resistance here.
    I think his mother Maria Catherina Ingwersen also lived here.
    I am trying to find information regards my family, and if you can help me I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you
    Linda Chapman

  2. A quick search on http://www.wiewaswie.nl/ turned up:

    Adrianus Everardus Stoové, son of Cornelis Adrianus Stoové and Aaltje van den Akker, died on 2 July 1939 in De Bilt. He married Maria Catharina Ingwersen, daughter of Johannes Ingwersen and Philippine Johanna Antoinette van Nie, on 23 July 1901 in Watergraafsmeer and (after a divorce in 1921) again on 9 August 1922 in Amsterdam.

    I assume these are your great-grandparents?

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