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Tombstone of Lammertje van Kampen

Tombstone Hendriks - Van Kampen, Bosdrift Cemetery, Hilversum

Tombstone Hendriks – Van Kampen, Bosdrift Cemetery, Hilversum

Over the last few weeks I have posted a couple of graves of the Van Kampen family that I found on the Bosdrift cemetery in Hilversum. Today we continue with the grave of Lammertje van Kampen(1871-1957) and her husband, Jan Derk Hendriks (1866-1943).

Lammertje van Kampen, daughter of Willem van Kampen and Geertrui Kreuning, was born 2 April 1871 in Hilversum and died on 19 January 1957 in Soest. She married Jan Derk Hendriks, son of Antonie Hendriks en Gerharda Antonia Lammers, on 25 July 1891 in Hilversum. Jan Derk was born on 29 January 1866 in Arnhem, and died on 28 September 1943 in Hilversum. He was organist of the Dutch Reformed parish Laren-Blaricum, according to the inscription on the stone.

I don’t know who Jacob Huisman is, or why he is buried in the same grave.

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