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Tombstone Tuesday: Fallen for his country

Tombstone Tuesday: Fallen for his country

Tombstone of Johan Herman van Leeuwen, Old Cemetery, Doorn

Tombstone of Johan Herman van Leeuwen

A soldier’s grave: Here rests our dearly beloved husband and father Johan Herman van Leeuwen, born 6 August 1904, fallen while serving his country in Doorn on 14 May 1940. On the left we can read Soldaat M.C.II 24 R.I., Soldier, machine gun company II, 24th regiment infantry.

The database of the Dutch war grave foundation has the same information, and lists his place of birth as Lonneker.

Genlias, the Dutch database of birth, marriage and death records, has his death record: Johan Herman van Leeuwen, son of Cornelis Hendrikus van Leeuwen and Aaltje Berends, husband of Margaretha Cornelia de Bruijn, died in Doorn on 14 April [sic] 1940 at the age of 35. His death was reported on 19 June 1940 by infantry captain J.C.C. van Erp.

Photo by the author. Old Cemetery, Doorn, prov. Utrecht.

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