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Tombstone Tuesday: Van de Lagemaat

Tombstone Tuesday: Van de Lagemaat

Tombstone, Old Cemetery, Doorn


Here rests our dear wife and mother Delia van de Lagemaat-van Ree, born 5 July 1881, died 6 September 1928. And our dear father Gerrit van de Lagemaat, born 2 January 1873, died 17 February 1954.

Genlias, the Dutch database of birth, marriage and death records, has several records for this couple:

Gerrit van de Lagemaat, son of Tijmen van de Lagemaat and Lamberta Wilhelmina Lagerweij, born 2 January 1873 in Doorn, and Dilia van Ree, daughter of Maas van Ree and Evertje van Zwetselaar, married on 11 July 1903 in Ede. They had several children, some of them died young.

Note that the wife’s name is spelled DILIA on all records in Genlias, but DELIA on the stone.

Photo by the author. Old Cemetery, Doorn, prov. Utrecht.

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