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Postcard: Tram in The Hague

Postcard: Tram in The Hague

Postcard: Address side

Address side

The topic for the next festival of postcards – the last festival by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault – is Locomotion: “[..]this is your chance to pull out all those postcards depicting travel on land, water or air“.

My entry to the festival is this beautiful horse drawn tram in Den Haag (a.k.a. The Hague or ‘s-Gravenhage). At the time this postcard was sent (in 1909) there was a dense network of tramlines in The Netherlands. The trams mostly disappeared now, except in the main cities: if you have visited Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Den Haag you will have seen trams. Of course they are not horse drawn anymore.

The card was sent on 15 February 1909 from Den Haag by Henri v.d. Bergh. It was received the same day by Frits (full name: Frederik Hendrik) Pardoen. I don’t know the sender, but Frits was a son of my gggrandfather Theodorus Joannes Gerardus Pardoen and his second wife, Maria Busselman. He received it in the Diaconessenhuis, a protestant hospital, in Haarlem. According to family lore, he was sickly, he probably had tuberculosis. I know he died young (in 1911 at the age of 16), and I have several cards from the years before his death that he received in hospitals, so family lore is probably true, in this case.

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