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Tranquilino Ambe and Antonia Gadugdug

Tranquilino Ambe and Antonia Gadugdug are the numbers 12 and 13 in my wife’s ahnentafel. All I know of them is that their son Cornezo was born on 9 September 1902 in Kawayan, Biliran, Leyte. So that’s where I should start searching. Biliran, an island north of the island Leyte, was part of the province Leyte at the time, but is now a separate province.

I found nothing on Google and Family Search, but on the new record search pilot I found the marriages of two children: Cornezo and Recardo.

I already mentioned Cornezo’s wedding in a previous post. His brother Recardo is new: Recardo Ambo [sic], 23, son of Tranquilino Ambo and Antonia Gadugdug, married Bartolomina Pazon, 18, daughter of Zacarias Pazon and Cornelia Florida, on 27 June 1927 in Caibiran, Leyte. Note the spelling: We already encountered three different spellings of the Ambe surname (Ambe, Ambi, Ambo).

The next step is ordering a few microfilms from the FHL: Copies of civil registration, 1922-1931 from Kawayan, maybe Marriage contracts, 1867-1897 from Leyte, and Registros civiles, 1867-2001 from Leyte.

I should also find out if any church records from Kawayan exist, and where they are.

Files: Tranquilino Ambe, Antonia Gadugdug

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