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Boracay White Beach

White Beach

Boracay is the beach capital of the Philippines. White sand, palm trees, a clear blue sea, Boracay has everything you expect from a tropical island except tranquillity.

The long western beach, appropiately called White Beach, is where all the action is. Hidden behind the palm trees are the hotels, clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops.

There are no high-rise appartment blocks of the kind you find at Cancun or the Spanish costas, but it has all the facilities you’d expect of a beach resort.

Sailing around Boracay

Sailing around Boracay

Boracay is a perfect spot for swimming, diving and snorkeling (the island is surrounded by reef), sailing, surfing, or any other water activity. You can rent or buy almost everything you need for water sports, including instructors.

Accomodation is available in every price range, from budget to luxury. Most hotels and resorts are along white beach, but there are numerous hotels scattered around the rest of the island too.

There are plenty of restaurants along white beach. As always in the tropics, be careful with the food stalls, ambulant food vendors and cheaper restaurants, especially with their seafood – it’s probably safe, but it might have been lying in the sun for a few hours.

Tropical fruits, juices and shakes are available anywhere along white beach. Again, be careful with the wares of food stalls and ambulant vendors.

Getting there

Flying Seair over the Visayas

Flying over the Visayas

The easiest way is to fly to Caticlan. Alternatively, fly to Kalibo and travel overland to Caticlan. From Caticlan you can take a short boat trip to Boracay. Many resorts can arrange transfers for their guests from Caticlan airport or Kalibo airport.


Tropical drinks

Tropical drinks on the beach

Sailing around Boracay

Sailing around Boracay

Girl on the beach

A Filipino girl on the beach

Flying Seair over the Visayas

Flying over the Visayas



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