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What’s next?

Over the last few weeks, I iterated over my wife’s ancestors. For each ancestor, I listed what I knew about them, what I could find online, and what I could do to find out more. I updated the family tree with the information I found, and I created a list of steps that I could take to continue my research.

Questions for relatives

There are a few things I want to ask my mother-in-law, or other relatives. There are, of course, the questions any genealogist should ask older relatives, about their youth and about those that came before them. At the moment I have two additional questions for my mother-in-law: When and where did her parents-in-law pass away? (And if she does not know, she should at least be able to tell me if they were still alive at the time of her marriage.) And when and why did her family move from Kawayan on the island Biliran to Capoocan on the island Leyte?

We plan to visit the Philippines next year. Some questions I can ask before that time, some questions I will keep until we see the family, next year.

Research on location / Field trips

This is not for the near future, unfortunately. We plan to travel to the Philippines next year, but we will travel with our soon to be born baby. That makes travel to remote locations difficult, if not impossible.

Places I want to visit are San Isidro in Northern Samar, and Kawayan in Biliran. I want to search for relatives on the cemeteries, and I want to find out if any church records exist, and if I can consult them.

Order list from the FHL

I should order the following items from the FHL (a few items at a time):

  • Samar (Philippines): Registros civiles, 1808-1897. Civil registration of births and baptisms 1808-1818, 1843-1844 (film 1210941 Items 4-5), marriages 1883-1888 (film 1213522 Item 2) and 1888-1897 (film 1213523 Item 1), and deaths 1886-1893 (film 1211567 Item 4).
  • Samar (Filipinas): Padrón, 1896. Film 1779917. This should be a census, and I want to look for my wife’s great-grandparents Isabelo Duroy, Alfonsa Monte, Jose Astoriano, and Salvadora Arroyo.
  • San Isidro (Northern Samar): Civil registration, 1954-2001. Film numbers 2253593 (birth registers 1954-1973, marriage registers 1954-1999) and 2253594 (death registers 1955-2001). At the moment I am mainly interested in the latter, to find the death of Norberto Duroy.
  • Allen (Samar): Copies of civil registration, 1922-1931. Marriages 1922-1931 film 1778459 Items 3-4. Should have the marriages of Gregoria Doroy (daughter of Isabelo Duroy and Alfonsa Monte) and Concepcion Astoriano (daughter of Jose Astoriano and Salvadora Arroyo).
  • Leyte (Philippines): Death certificates, 1945-1996, 215 film reels. I am looking for the deaths of Cornezo Ambe in 1988 (film reels 1718143, 1745776, 1718594, 2076726, 1719637) and Fernanda Bulasa in 1978 (reels 1770608, 1770588, 1771150, 1770641, 1770614). That is still a lot of films, I wonder if I can narrow that down?
  • Leyte (Philippines): Registros civiles, 1867-2001. Five films, with civil registrations of births 1945-2001, marriage banns and deaths for Leyte. Far from complete, unfortunately – let’s leave this one, for now.
  • Leyte (Philippines): Marriage contracts, 1867-1897. Film 1779475 Item 3. Wait with this one until I know a little more.
  • Kawayan (Leyte): Copies of civil registration, 1922-1931. Film 1748535. Should have the marriage of Cornezo Ambe and Fernanda Bulasa, among others.
  • Brief history of Kawayan, Biliran. Film 2253985 item 8.

I also want to find the death certificate of Norberto Duroy among the death certificates from Northern Samar (47 film reels) and its predecessor Samar (64 reels), but that is only possible if I narrow it down first. Hopefully my mother-in-law or another relative knows his (approximate) death year.

Records from the NSO

The NSO (National Statistics Office) is the organisation responsible for the civil registration in the Philippines.

Try to order death certificates of my wife’s father and grandparents. Or let my wife or mother-in-law do that, if it has to be done by the next of kin.

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