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Category: Animals

  • Geese


  • At the zoo

    At the zoo

    A day at the zoo. With the camera, of course, though it was first and foremost a family outing. The family pics are on facebook, some of the animals I share here.

  • Wordless Wednesday: Swan

    Wordless Wednesday: Swan

  • Cricket


    I did not have to go far away for these shots, this little cricket visited me on my own balcony. A small insect with very long antennae, it looks scarier on these close-up photos than it did in reality. I don’t know much about insects, but I’m pretty sure it’s a bush-cricket, and I think […]

  • Deer


    A young roe deer. In captivity, as you can see on the background of the photos.

  • Green


    A coot in the water, swimming towards me. The water is a pond in a park, here in Holland. It seems completely green because of the reflection of the foliage around it.

  • Cat


  • Great Crested Grebe

    Great Crested Grebe

    Male and female great crested grebes in the golden sunlight just after dawn in early spring.

  • A day at the zoo

    A day at the zoo

    On a beautiful early spring day I took my family to the zoo of Amersfoort. With a camera of course, mostly for family pics but also for some animal shots. Below I share a selection of animal shots. Enjoy!

  • Penguin


    An African Penguin, at a Dutch zoo.