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  • Erenstein Castle

    Erenstein Castle

    Erenstein Castle, a 14th century castle in the Dutch town Kerkrade. It was once the home of knights, but now it is a restaurant. Next to the castle, and part of the castle estate, is an 18th century farm converted to hotel. We spent the night there, and while wife and kid enjoyed a lazy […]

  • The castle of Amerongen

    The castle of Amerongen

    When I visited Amerongen recently, I was on my way to its beautiful castle. Today I share a few photos that I took in and around Amerongen Castle. Read more about the castle.

  • Photo Friday: Château Holtmühle

    Photo Friday: Château Holtmühle

    Recently we had a chance to spend the night in Château Holtmühle in Tegelen, province Limburg, an old castle but now a hotel. I had little time for photography while I was there, but I did wake up early for a short photography shoot around dawn. The castle was probably built in the late 14th […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Castle

    Wordless Wednesday: Castle

  • Photo Friday: Brederode Castle

    Photo Friday: Brederode Castle

    The medieval Brederode Castle, in the Dutch town Santpoort. Originally built in the 13th century, it was destroyed and rebuilt many times. In 1679, when the last member of the Brederode family died, it was abandoned for good. Today, the castle is government property. It is open to the public, except in winter. The castle […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Arcade

    Wordless Wednesday: Arcade

  • Wordless Wednesday: Montjuic Castle in Barcelona

    Wordless Wednesday: Montjuic Castle in Barcelona

  • Photo Friday: Duurstede Castle

    Photo Friday: Duurstede Castle

    Kasteel Duurstede (Duurstede Castle) was a medieval castle in the Dutch city Wijk bij Duurstede. Most of the castle disappeared, but two towers remain and were restored to their former glory in the 20th century. The castle area is now a park and open to the public. The castle itself cannot be visited, but can […]

  • Photo Friday: Montjuic Castle

    Photo Friday: Montjuic Castle

    On the Montjuïc Hill in Barcelona is a castle, built to defend Barcelona against attacks from sea. Last month we were in Barcelona, and we also visited the castle. Below I share a few photos. Enjoy!