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Van Kampen family grave, Hilversum

Family grave

Van Kampen family grave, Hilversum
Van Kampen family grave, Hilversum

Tombstone on the grave of my grandparents, Hendrik van Kampen and Alida Melessen, and my great-grandparents, Hendrik van Kampen and Geertje Wiesenekker. The grave is full now, so other family members will be buried elsewhere, when their time comes.

The tombstone is from 1997, when my grandfather was buried here.

As most Dutch graves, this grave is leased. My grandparents have paid the lease since the first burial in 1941. When my grandmother died in 2007, the family paid a few decades ahead, but after that the lease will expire and the grave may be removed.

The family grave is at the Nieuwe Algemene Begraafplaats (New General Cemetery), also known as Bosdrift cemetery, in Hilversum. I will post more from this cemetery in the near future, on my Graveyard Rabbit blog.


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