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Duroy Ahnentafel

Generation I


Duroy, daughter of Haniper Duroy and Ambe.

Generation II


Haniper Duroy, son of Norberto Duroy and Venturada Astoriano. Haniper was born on 27 September 1939 in San Isidro, Northern Samar, and he died on 29 April 2010 in Leyte.


He married Ambe, daughter of Cornezo Ambe and Fernanda Bulasa.

Generation III


Norberto Duroy, son of Isabelo Duroy and Alfonsa Monte.


He married Venturada Astoriano, daughter of Jose Astoriano and Salvadora Arroyo.


Cornezo Ambe, son of Tranquilino Ambe and Antonia Gadugdug, was born on 9 September 1902 in Kawayan, Biliran, Leyte, and died on 14 December 1988 in Capoocan, Leyte.


Cornezo married Fernanda Bulasa, daughter of Estanislao Bulasa and Juana Balondo, on 22 January 1924 in Kawayan. Fernanda was born on 26 January 1906 in Kawayan, and died on 19 February 1978 in Capoocan.

Generation IV


Isabelo Duroy.


Isabelo married Alfonsa Monte.

Isabelo and Alfonsa had at least two children:

  1. Norberto Duroy
  2. Gregoria Duroy, born around 1908. She married Mamerto Dolong, son of Cipriano Dolong and Bembenuta Gatacelo, on 21 November 1929 in Allen, province Samar.


Jose Astoriano.


He married Salvadora Arroyo.

Jose and Salvadora had at least two children:

  1. Venturada Astoriano
  2. Concepcion Astoriano, born around 1905. She married Roque Avendanco, son of Santiago Avendanco and Rosana Filonia, on 29 January 1927, in Allen, Samar.


Tranquilino Ambe.


Tranquilino married Antonia Gadugdug.

Tranquilino and Antonia had at least two children:

  1. Cornezo Ambe, born 9 September 1902 in Kawayan.
  2. Recardo Ambe, born around 1904. He married Bartolomina Pazon, daughter of Zacarias Pazon and Cornelia Florida, on 27 June 1927 in Caibiran, Leyte.


Estanislao Bulasa.


Estanislao married Juana Balondo.

Estanislao and Juana had at least one daughter, Fernanda.