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Marriage certificate of Albert Melessen and Mietje Houthuijzen

Marriage certificate of Albert Melessen and Mietje Houthuijzen, Groningen

Marriage certificate of Albert Melessen and Mietje Houthuijzen, Groningen

Last week we looked at the birth certificate of Albert Melessen. Today I show you his marriage certificate. Like the birth certificate, I found it on the website Alle Groningers, the BMD database of the province Groningen.

A summary of the certificate:

Today, 25 September 1913, came to the registrar of Groningen to be united in matrimony: Albert Melessen, born in Lutjegast (municipality Grootegast), 27, furniture maker, now living in Amsterdam but recently in Hilversum, son of Jakob Melessen, 65, and of Attje Bansema, 61, living in Groningen, and Mietje Houthuijzen, born in Hilversum, 24, now living in Groningen but recently in Hilversum, daughter of Rijk Houthuijzen and Aaltje Bollebakker, both deceased. Parents of the groom are present and give their permission for this marriage.

Witnesses are Jan Lammert Melessen, 34, brother of the groom, and Jacob de Vries, 29, brother-in-law of the groom.

The certificate was signed by my great-grandparents Albert Melessen and Mietje Houthuijzen, my great-great-grandparents Jakob Melessen and Attje Bansema, and the witnesses. Note that the women sign with their maiden names, as was customary at the time.

Spouses under 30 needed parental permission for a marriage at the time. The groom’s parents were present at the wedding, and gave their permission. The bride’s parents passed away long before (when Mietje was only two years old), so obviously could not give their permission.

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