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Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Coming soon

As part of the Once upon a time challenge (hosted on Stainless Steel Droppings), you can expect posts about the following masterpieces:

  1. The book of Thel, by William Blake.
  2. Jorinde und Joringel, from the Grimm collection.
  3. Le corbeau et le renard, by Jean de la Fontaine.
  4. De dood van Vesta, by Louis Couperus.
  5. A midsummer night’s dream, by William Shakespeare.


  1. So glad you’re joining in, Henk! Thanks!

  2. Very interesting choices, I like your list! I love William Blake.

  3. This is the most unusual list I’ve found so far, and that makes it very very interesting. I’ll be especially looking forward to your review of William Blake.

  4. Very cool choices. I have to agree with Nymeth, the most unusual list so far…but I love it! Good luck!

  5. Unfortunately, I cannot comment about your choices listed here. But, I did notice Crime and Punishment in your Chunkster Challenge which I also read for that particular Challenge. I am a great fan of Russian Literature.

    It was fun to try to read of the “renard” in your first post; my French is very rusty, but I still love it.

  6. Gotta say this is a really different list!! Although I have never heard of them, I can’t wait for your reviews! Nothing like broadening my horizons!

  7. Fascinating list. I love William Blake, though I haven’t read anything by him in quite awhile.

  8. Fascinating choices, especially William Blake, though I haven’t read anything of his lately.

  9. Very different indeed. I’ll be reading from the Brothers Grimm as well. Good luck with your reading.


  1. A midsummer night’s dream | Henk van Kampen photography - [...] With the reading of Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream, I completed the 2007 Once upon a time challenge. [...]

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