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Tombstone Tuesday: Gerrit Patist

Tombstone Tuesday: Gerrit Patist

The inscription reads Hier rust Gerrit Patist beeldend kunstenaar 23 8 1947 – 2005 2 8 (Here rests Gerrit Patist, visual artist, 23 August 1947 – 8 February 2005).

On the Dutch wikipedia I read Patist was mostly a sculptor, but the wikipedia entry is very terse (you can read it here). I have been unable to find images of his art on the web, but he did have an exposition at the Nagele museum in 2008.

Tombstones, Brandenburg Cemetery, Bilthoven

A row of graves. In the first one lies Gerrit Patist.

Grave of Gerrit Patist, Brandenburg Cemetery, Bilthoven

Grave of Gerrit Patist

Grave of Gerrit Patist, Brandenburg Cemetery, Bilthoven

Tombstone of Gerrit Patist

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  1. The Netherlands have amazing grave sites !


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