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Anna Foppen (1857-1928)

Name: Anna Foppen
Date of birth: 27 September 1857 in Maastricht
Date of death: 30 July 1928 in Nijkerk
Parents: Johannes Foppen, Johanna Jansen
Spouse: never married
Children: none

Gathering dust: A postcard

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Gathering dust: A postcard

On Saturdays I rummage through my old cabinet, pull out and dust off an item, and present it here on Roots. Today: A postcard from Anna Foppen. Anna Foppen (1857-1928) was a sister of my second great-grandmother Catharina Johanna Maria Foppen, and an aunt of my great-grandmother, Catharina Johanna Maria Koopman. Anna was not married, and lived in a catholic institution in Nijkerk – I have yet to find out what kind of institution. The postcard is addressed to my great-grandfather, Theodorus Johannes Adrianus Pardoen. Anna announces her...

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