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Catharina Johanna Maria Pardoen (1917-2002)

Name: Catharina Johanna Maria Pardoen
Birth: 28 January 1917 in Utrecht
Death: 25 July 2002 in Vlaardingen
Parents: Theodorus Johannes Adrianus Pardoen, Catharina Johanna Maria Koopman
Spouse: Remmelt van den Berg (marriage: 18 April 1968 in Utrecht)
Children: none


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The next edition of A festival of postcards is dedicated to quadrupeds: “Quadrupeds? That’s right! From working animals (like oxen and horses) to pets (like cats and dogs) to wild animals (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) – we’re looking for postcards about anything that walks on 4 legs!” I expected I would find a few quadrupeds in the collection of my great-aunt Catharina Johanna Maria Pardoen (1917-2002), and indeed I found several. For the festival of postcards I chose one that she received in 1929, on her 12th...

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