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Clement Marie van Velsen (1871-1947)

Name: Clement Marie van Velsen
Birth: 27 October 1871 in Rotterdam
Death: 9 September 1947 in Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Parents: Gerardus Johannes van Velsen, Maria Bellemère
Spouse: Maria Margaretha Pardoen (marriage: 22 May 1901 in Den Haag)

Farewell Holland

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Farewell Holland

Dutch emigrants to North America The family trees on my genealogy websites have several emigrants to North America. Most of them went to the U.S., boarding their ship at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam, and entering the States a fortnight later via Ellis Island. Let me introduce you to some of these emigrants. They are descendants of Lourens van Kampen and Neel de Vos, or of Paulus Pardoen and Johanna Pietersen. If you recognize any of these people, maybe you can share your memories of them in a comment below. Additions, corrections, photos,...

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