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Cornelis Johannes Koopman (1869-1951)

Name: Cornelis Johannes Koopman
Birth: 28 December 1869 in Nijmegen
Death: 14 July 1951 in Utrecht
Parents: Pieter Johannes Koopman, Catharina Johanna Maria Foppen
Spouse: 1. Wilhelmina Johanna Albertina van der Horst (marriage: 10 November 1898 in Utrecht), 2. Jannetje van Rouwendal (marriage: 8 January 1914 in Utrecht)
Children: No children

Gathering dust: Birthdays

Posted by on 12 Jun 2010 in KOOPMAN Adrianus Arnoldus 1837-1919, KOOPMAN Cornelis Johannes 1869-1951, My roots | 0 comments

Gathering dust: Birthdays

On Saturdays I rummage through my old cabinet, pull out and dust off an item, and present it here on Roots. Today: Scrap paper of (probably) Cornelis Johannes Koopman (1869-1951). This scrap paper I found between some papers that probably belonged to my great-great-uncle Cornelis Johannes (Cees) Koopman (1869-1951). My great-aunt passed on these papers to my mother, who in turn passed them on to me. The paper lists four birthdays of uncles and aunts of Uncle Cees – maybe he wrote them down when he visited one of them, so that he could...

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