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Hendrik Veerman (1841-1894)

Name: Hendrik Veerman
Birth: 27 October 1841 in Huizen
Death: 14 January 1894 in Hilversum
Parents: Gijsbert Veerman, Jannetje Bronkhorst
Spouse: Aafje Vlaanderen (marriage: 8 September 1866 in Hilversum)

Gijsbert Veerman and Jannetje Bronkhorst

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Gijsbert Veerman and Jannetje Bronkhorst

When I search for ancestors, I usually reconstruct their families, i.e. I find information on all their children (and other spouses, if they married more than once). There are a few families I skipped in the past, though, probably because I wanted to go back in time as far as possible, and as quickly as possible. Time now to revisit a few of those families. Today I present the family reconstruction of my 3rd ggrandparents Gijsbert Veerman and Jannetje Bronkhorst, numbers 34 and 35 in my ahnentafel. A relatively easy one, as all the...

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