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Lourens van Kampen

Name: Lourens van Kampen
Date of birth: unknown
Date of death: unknown
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Neel de Vos (marriage: unknown)
Children: tenminste at least two – Jan (1716), Cornelis (1718)


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I recently showed you my 11-generation matriline. Let’s have a look now at the patriline. A patriline or fathers-line is (unlike the matriline) a traditional genealogy chart. Y-DNA and (usually) surnames are inherited through the patriline. With ten generations, my patriline is not particularly large. In 1766, a fire destroyed a large part of the village Hilversum, including the Dutch Reformed church. Records of the church, the court and the village administration were lost. Due to the fire, there are no primary sources for my Van...

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